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Russian Foreign Relations and Investment Law

William Butler. Russian Foreign Relations and Investment Law Authors:William Butler.
Price:33858 rub.

Book Summary:
Russian Foreign Relations and Investment Law is the fourth volume in OUP's Russian law mini-series and is the first comprehensive study of Russian foreign relations law which examines the legal rights of, and limitations on, foreigners in Russia. Increasing investment in Russia makes this an ideal time to publish a further volume with the focus on this area. With the emphasis placed on the commercial investor, Butler provides a thorough guide from both perspectives of the foreigner trading into Russia and the foreign investor exporting from within Russia. Through twelve logical chapters Butler covers areas such as foreign trade law, foreign investment law, different types of foreigners and thier rights, aspects of employment law, civil law rights and duties, and general principles of international law all within the context of the Russian legal system. This text is a welcome addition to the other titles in series:The Civil Code of the Russian Federation , Russian Company and...

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