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Exceptional Trading

Ruth B. Roosevelt, Ruth Roosevelt. Exceptional Trading Authors:Ruth B. Roosevelt, Ruth Roosevelt.
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Book Summary:
This book is written to give traders a winning edge. Winning eludes some 80 to 90 percent of people who trade. Each year millions of dollars are spent creating and buying and selling trading systems. Hopeful traders seek the holy grail only to find that their latest acquisition doesn't work or they can't work it. Information flow is instant and vast. Computers calculate and grind out data 24 hours a day around the globe. Every conceivable edge is sought and provided. And still traders lose. The rules for good trading are simple and understandable: Buy low, sell high, or buy high and sell higher. Sell low and buy lower. Cut your losses. Let your profits run. Never overtrade. Act promptly on signals to enter and exit. Trade a proven winning system orstrategy as it was designed to be traded; i.e., take every signal and stay the course. Control and balance fear and greed. But traders don't follow the rules, not even the rules they commit to following. As the Book of Common Prayer...

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