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7 Secrets Every Commodity Trader Needs to Know

James Mound. 7 Secrets Every Commodity Trader Needs to Know Authors:James Mound.
Publisher:Traders Press
Price:3169 rub.

Book Summary:
The stock market has always intrigued me. The dynamics of finding sound companies prime for growth and profiting from their successes has an overwhelming attraction to most investors. Commodities, a shrinking investment realm by comparison, has always given the appearance of an all or nothing, rags to riches, dreamland. The truth is, however, commodities is enriched by concrete concepts and leveraged opportunities while the stock market holds the dreams of the derivative ownership in a company made up ofmore unknowns to the average investor than one would care to acknowledge. My interest in commodities came about when I was introduced to leverage. Imagine being able to find a profitable strategy and then using the concept of leveraging your capital to create an exponential growth of profits. This is not merely a fantasy, but a reality found when properly investing in these markets. This book is designed to show you how to accomplish this ultimate goal by becoming a complete...

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