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How I Made One Million Dollars... Last Year... Trading Commodities

Larry R. Williams. How I Made One Million Dollars... Last Year... Trading Commodities Authors:Larry R. Williams.
Publisher:Windsor Books
Price:5773 rub.

Book Summary:
If you've thought the commodity market was just another Las Vegas, take heart! Larry Williams is about to show you how anyone of reasonable intelligence can consistently beat the market, year in and year out. You'll see all the tools he uses to ferret out the super trades that lead to gains of well over 1000%. Williams' basic theory is that future price direction is pretty well known by the large commercial users, producers and consumers. These are the people that must have commodities to stay in business. The secret to commodities, in the author's opinion, is tracking these billion dollar super powers. Williams uses several methods to find out what commodities they are most bullish or bearish on. His technique is further refined with a unique technical system to time your entry and exits from the sure-thing trades his system isolates. In addition to learning Williams' methods, you'll also learn how he thinks and what it takes to become a winner, psychologically...

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