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Competing for Capital: Investor Relations in a Dynamic World

Bruce W. Marcus. Competing for Capital: Investor Relations in a Dynamic World Authors:Bruce W. Marcus.
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Book Summary:
An updated edition to one of the most detailed guides to investor relations The rapidly changing nature of the economic environment, technology, and the regulatory response to the scandals of the early part of the new century require a new look at traditional investor relation practices. Emphasizing the marketing aspects of investor relations, Competing for Capital addresses this new environment by providing readers with the information they need on such critical issues as functioning under new laws and regulatory controls, new techniques and trends in communicating with investors and the financial community, and the effects of globalization of the capital markets. Bruce W.Marcus (Easton, CT) is a long-time Wiley author with several bestselling books on investor relations, including Competing for Capital. He is a widely published author, a Connecticut-based consultant to some of the nation?s largest corporations and to many professional service firms, and the editor of...

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