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The McGraw-Hill Investor's Desk Reference

Ellie Williams. The McGraw-Hill Investor's Desk Reference Authors:Ellie Williams.
Price:1692 rub.

Book Summary:
The McGraw-Hill Investor’s Desk Reference is a book whose time has come. Compiling the up-to-date answers to virtually every important investment question—from “How do I invest online?” to “What is the difference between value and growth investing?”—this comprehensive guidebook puts today’s most important and frequently sought information at the fingertips of investors. This one-of-a-kind, uniquely valuable reference book provides investors with: *A complete dictionary of key terms *Information on using the Internet as an all-purpose investment tool *In-depth material on investment vehicles and styles *An examination of key economic indicators *Descriptions of international markets and exchanges *Fascinating sections on key investment people and literature

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