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Commodity Options: Spectacular Profits with Limited Risk

Larry D. Spears. Commodity Options: Spectacular Profits with Limited Risk Authors:Larry D. Spears.
Publisher:Marketplace Books
Price:2326.8 rub.

Book Summary:
Let this classic reference tool be your guide as you enter the exciting, and profitable, world of commodity options. In clear and concise language, Spears explains how every investment need can be met by the versatility of commodity options. This book also: - Details twelve commodity option strategies that will help you successfully buy a call, buy a put, write a naked call, sell a straddle, and much more! - Explains the basic elements of commodity options. - Discusses how commodity options are actually traded, including strike prices and trading months. - Features a comprehensive glossary of easy to understand futures and options terms. Plus, charts, tables, and time value considerations to help you understand, and master, the complexities of commodity options trading.

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