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An Investor's Guide to the Electricity Economy (Wiley Finance)

Jason Makansi. An Investor's Guide to the Electricity Economy (Wiley Finance) Authors:Jason Makansi.
Price:1141.5 rub.

Book Summary:
Energy Investing that gets beyond the hype 2001 was perhaps the most tumultuous year in the modern history of the energy industry. As with telecommunications, computer and information technology, and Internet/e-commerce businesses over the last two decades, it is now a truly delicate but potentially lucrative time to invest in electricity. Deregulation means that investors face a breathtaking array of new companies and technologies that have the potential to grow and accumulate wealth. With a focus on understanding market dynamics and "technology capital," Jason Makansi shows you how to get beyond analyst hype, uncover new opportunities, and invest wisely in An Investor’s Guide to the Electricity Economy. Divided into three sections–"The Industry," "The Investor," and "Case Studies"–this book introduces readers to the most current and relevant industry trends, critical insights and research based on the author’s tested methodology, and the companies and technologies that...

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